Biggest Wellness Trends of 2018

the daily hit by cap beauty

the daily hit by cap beauty
Last year on this site, the 2017 wellness trends predictions included: collagen, reiki, clean beauty, sobriety, self love, lucid dreaming and legal drugs. How’d we do?!

And what’s in store for 2018? Here are my predictions:


Meditation was big and buzzy in 2017. Apps launched, studios opened and workplaces converted storage spaces into meditation rooms. And while that isn’t going anywhere, the 2018 buzzy version of meditation will be breathwork. The reason being, not only can it deepen your meditation practice but breathwork is something you can practice anywhere, anytime, to help manage stress, calm yourself down or boost energy without calling attention to yourself. I had the chance to practice with Ashley Neese (<– follow her on IG for tips and info about her workshops) this last year and have fully adopted her methods into my everyday wellness routine.

Well marketed cannabis and CBD oil

Cannabis and CBD oil is nothing new, but people are getting clever about how to market these products to help with specific needs.

For example: Cap Beauty’s “Daily Hit” which is CBD oil laced with mushrooms and adaptogens to take you higher. It’s meant to be topped on salads and green soups or added to smoothies.

Another example are  hmbldt pens which are doses of cannabis to aid in sleep, calm, passions, arouse, relief, etc. Here’s how they work:

“hmbldt was founded with the goal of creating the first cannabis products based on the science behind the plant. Science has proven that cannabis provides functional benefits such as sleep aid, pain relief, euphoria, energy, and relaxation. hmbldt has determined the exact balance of cannabis derived compounds to create targeted products that deliver a consistent response, while controlling the sometimes overwhelming psychoactive effects.  Our commitment to safe, targeted and effective cannabis based medicines also led to the development of our proprietary delivery devices, designed specifically to deliver a precise dosage of our formulas each and every time.”


You may have noticed the word “biodynamic” splashed across the produce sitting next to your favorite organic items. The main principle of biodynamic farming is that the entire farm exists as a single entity without the need for outside inputs. In other words, where an organic farm may purchase organic seeds or organic feed for livestock, a biodynamic farm must produce everything on the premises. Although the Biodynamic Movement originated slightly before the Organic Movement, it actually represents the next conscious step beyond what the Organic Movement brings to agriculture. Fundamentally, it is inclusive of many of the methods familiar to “organic” and “permacultural” practitioners, but also takes into account the planetary influences and spiritual forces that affect plant growth. The use of the “biodynamic preparations” (specialized composts that are applied in homeopathic doses) also sets biodynamics apart from other farming practices.


Keto is the new Atkins and has been trending for quite some time, but in 2018, we will be hearing this term a whole lot more. The ketogenic diet is known as a derivative of a low-carb diet focusing on protein and good fats (think coconut, avocado, and fatty fish), to induce a metabolic state of ketosis. Ketosis is when your body focuses on burning fat while maintaining muscle mass.


Realizing your goals and turning them into a reality is nothing new, but in 2018, we’re going to see this idea focused on “manifesting.” And if you need any help with this, things like manifesting classes and coaches will be at your service.

Wellness startups are the new tech startups

The global wellness industry is a $3.72 trillion market and I can only imagine what the growth has been in the last year alone! There’s a big startup boom capitalizing on the ever-growing market, and companies like Daily Harvest who make ‘just add liquid’ frozen pre-packed smoothie ingredients are raising $43 million dollars to see through their dreams. Another big market for VC money in the wellness space is FemTech which addresses women’s health, including fertility solutions, period-tracking apps, pregnancy and nursing care, women’s sexual wellness, and reproductive system health care.

From fitness apparel companies to clean beauty, workout studios and health food brands, 2018 will be a big year for these brands to go out and raise VC money which, hopefully for all of us, means really great products to come!

Digital detoxing

2017 was exhausting! We were glued to our phones for unpredictable news, self soothed by endless scrolling and were slaves to our alerts. I believe 2018 is going to be the year of self control and digital empowerment in a way we haven’t experienced since the inception of the iPhone. You’ll start to see fewer phones in the air at concerts so that people can be in the moment, more heads up while walking down the street or waiting in line at the grocery store – instead of heads dazed off into the bright phone lights – phone checks at the door for parties, and regular self-imposed tech sabbaths daily (at night) and weekly (I like to take off Sundays).

Clean beauty continues

Last year great strides were made in the clean beauty industry. Have you noticed how mainstream it’s become? I think this is only going to continue and in the same way we look for organic labels on our food, we will be looking for organic, made-safe and new additional labels on our beauty products and cosmetics. Makeup is especially going to be HUGE. There is a ton of room in this category and I predict 2018 to be the year we all add a few clean products to our makeup bags.

What wellness trends are you excited to try in 2018? Any that you’ll be skipping?

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  1. I’m also looking to clean up my makeup cabinet this year! My haircare and skincare routines were so much easier to replace, but clean makeup is still so iffy or expensive! I can’t wait to find out who steps it up this year!

    Happy new year!

  2. When you’re body goes into Ketosis it can become very dangerous. If ketones build up in your body you can experience extreme dehydration. My body went into Ketosis when I experienced severe food poisoning. I required two IV bags to rehydrate. I wanted to point this out, as it’s a dangerous aspect if taken too far.

  3. Heck Yes! Go CBD and well-being! I love that you posted this Geri and I would love to send you a sample of our products- let’s connect.

  4. Nice list, I’m going to try the cannabis oil for sure, but I’ll be definitely skipping the keto diet. A plant based diet is the new wellness “trend” for me! 🙂

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