5 Things To Do When You Feel a Cold Coming On

5 Things To Do When You Feel a Cold Coming On
Getting a cold sucks no matter when in life, but while pregnant, it’s even worse. I’ve been as careful as possible to limit my exposure to those suffering, and also to take it head on when I start feeling it coming in. These things have helped!

Use essential oils

The moment I feel a cold coming on, I diffuse a few drops of oregano oil and lemon oil in my diffuser. The oregano helps fight viruses and is antibacterial, while the lemon is an awesome decongestant that also gives me energy when I’m feeling down.

Drink more water

It’s kind of gross to say out loud, but I’m going to do it anyway – our body has to produce mucus to get rid of a virus, and we can’t do that without the extra fluid intake. Because we need extra hydration when we first start feeling sick, it’s best to avoid caffeine since it can be so dehydrating.

Get extra rest

When your body is trying to fight a cold, it’s hard to devote the extra energy it needs when it’s busy focusing on daily life tasks as simple as walking or holding a conversation with someone. When you take it easy – or better yet, actually get some extra sleep – your body can focus in on the threat at hand and stop that cold in its tracks before it gets worse.

Turn on a humidifier

The dry winter air actually helps cold viruses live longer – by filling the air in your home with more moisture, you can help cut down the length of your cold. If you don’t own a humidifier yet, I’d highly suggest getting one – they’re not only great for preventing and stopping colds, they’re also SUPER amazing for your skin.

Drink kombucha

I’m all about kombucha, and any fermented food or beverage for that matter. Kombucha is a fermented tea that is chock-full of amino acids, B vitamins, and a whole lot of probiotics – all things that can help stop a cold from getting worse.

What are some things you do when you feel a cold coming on?

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  1. Seems weird, but it works wonders for my daughter: put a pieces of a raw onion in a dish in the room where you are sleeping…it absorbs stuff from the air. Kinda stinky, but it really helped my daughter through many sicknesses, allowing her to breathe better thru the night. There are more extreme uses of onions, too, like putting slices on the bottoms of your feet while you sleep, I guess using socks to keep them in place. Absorbs toxins from your body. Haven’t tried that one yet!

  2. I’d never thought about using essential oils when I feel a cold coming on. I’ll have to try that out next time (hopefully not too soon though!).

  3. I’ve taken oregano oil (in some form–I can’t recall), but had not considered the oils. Great suggestions overall! Had heard about using onion to absorb toxins. Glad to have that remedy confirmed.
    I clean my liver (and spleen sometimes) with an external castor oil and heat pack (instructions on line). I try to always wear a scarf on my neck and something on my head in cooler weather. I take squirt of golden seal root in water daily, and also keep a jar of homemade Elderberry syrup on hand to boost immunity, and use my Neti pot.
    Supplements that I might take (depending) include: Gan Maoling, Astra Isatis by Health Concerns , Schizandra root, extra Vitamin C, etc.

  4. I always use lavender essential oil on my neck and glands when I feel a sore throat coming on. It always helps either reduce symptoms or head it off completely as it’s antiseptic.

  5. I purchase the highest grade of Oil of Oregano, the Carvacrol sb 80% or higher, organic. Buy vitamin capsule put in capsule & immediately take on a full stomach. It will burn through capsule if you don’t take right away. Do this 2-3x a day. You will be cured!!!

  6. I have also been told, and it works for me, add extra garlic to your food! I really need to try and drink more water, so difficult when it is cold!

  7. I drink a litre of lemon water and consume raw garlic each morning after I wake, and if I feel something coming on I juice three lemons into a litre of water asap. If I’ve skipped my garlic I’ll have it then. If I have fire cider on hand I’ll do a shot of that, and if not I’ll make a quick version on the spot. I also like elderberry and hot tea w ginger and lemon. Detox bath or two that day helps, too!

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