LIVE WELL: An Inspirational Mood Board

I can remember as a little girl spending time the first week of the new year cutting up every single magazine I could get my hands on and covering my walls with pictures, quotes – anything making me feel some type of way. What can I say? I’ve loved a good mood board since age 8! And though Pinterest has made digital inspo boards as easy as click, copy, and pin, there’s something cathartic about physical magazines, scissors, and flipping through print. Don’t you agree?!

As I sit here waiting for bebe’s arrival, and kiiinda limited to my house, I had the brilliant idea (if I do say so!) of creating a mood board for 2018. A little lemon water, cozy PJs, Fleetwood Mac on record, a huge stack of my favorite magazines, and unlimited inspiration pouring through the pages.

Of course a lot of my personal inspo is surrounding a healthy, happy family, getting back into shape, eating well, and a relaxed home – but it’s been crazy inspiring making my board. It’s the ultimate relaxing and motivating project, and one I’m really happy I did. I simply stuck images onto a bulletin board when I’m done – and even if I don’t do anything with it, I highly suggest the act.

If you’re looking for a creative task that’s sure to inspire something inside of you, mood board it is!

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