How To Clear Your Space & Energy


It’s no secret that since my wellness practices had to change a bit during pregnancy,  that I’ve taken on some new ideas that I hadn’t always been into. Things like crystals, saging, and clearing energy – more on the woo-woo side, but TBH, it’s been fun exploring. And even if I’m not feeling physical change from these things, there’s definitely a mental aspect that feels…good!

Recently, a friend taught me about clearing your space and energy, and since I want to bring the baby home to the best environment possible, of course I was down to try.

There are tons of ways to “clear,” and it depends on if you’re clearing your chakras, personal energy, physical environmental, or whatever. I was more interested in clearing my space and personal energy, so here’s what we did (the 2018 version!):

  • Unfollowed anyone giving me anxiety, negativity, or comparison vibes. This included removing these people from my contact list as well. #byeee
  • Took an epsom salt bath, which can detoxify the mind, body, and spirit. I’ve been doing this multiple times a week.
  • Diffused sandalwood and pine essential oils, and even poured some into the bath.
  • Got reiki.
  • Got acupuncture.
  • Used Palo Santo sticks to clear a space.
  • Cleaned out from under my bed, as this brings bad energy according to feng shui experts.
  • Forgiveness. Focused on letting go of pain in you and that you hold for someone else.
  • Burned sandalwood and dried sage to get rid of negative vibes in a room or home.
  • Opened the windows for fresh air (which I try to do often, even in winter).

All clear and feeling great! Have you attempted to clear space or energy before? Thoughts?

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  1. Sage is great as well as stones and crystals.I too air out my house even in winter .Thank you for the other suggestions

  2. I have friends who get regular acupuncture, and my sister got it when trying to conceive her baby too. I’ve definitely thought about trying it out, especially since I think my insurance may cover it.

    A friend of mine has gotten very into burning sage in her home too after a rough year, she loves the therapeutic aspect!

  3. I’ve started to do this as well, this year I want to focus more on good energy and all things wellness which includes me personally and our home and for our family. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things, keep it up!

  4. I totally believe these things work! Crystals, smudging, and so on. Not because they have intrinsic value, but because doing something with deep intention makes it magic. Thanks for the reminder to keep self-care a priority.

  5. Yes! Clearing your space and your mental clutter is so important. I do the unfollowing thing too – if you’re not adding joy, then why are you in my feed? I also find that cleaning helps and keeping my condo organized is especially key. I like to know that everything has a spot. I recently moved into a new place, so I did a big purge of clothes and files and textbooks and things from the previous chapter of my life so I could start fresh in this one. I’m new to detox baths but I’ve taken one a week in 2018 and OMG I’m loving every minute! And glad to know I’m not the only one who opens their windows in the winter (my roommate thinks I’m crazy, haha).

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