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blogger maternity leave
Hi guys! If you’re reading this, it means I’ve had my bebe and am off cuddling my new love alongside my husband, and making the transition into motherhood. Eeeek!

When it came to maternity plans, I’ve gotten some questions – mainly from other self-employed women either pregnant or hoping to be soon. And to be honest, I basically went through my whole pregnancy not knowing what my maternity leave would mean for me. Did I want to stop posting completely? No. Would I want to work part time during my leave? Wasn’t sure. I knew I wanted to continue bringing content to your eyes, but wasn’t sure how involved I’d want to be in the day-to-day so soon after birthing. The beauty of working for yourself is that’s up to you, but the downside is, you don’t have a set maternity leave like you would in corporate America per se.

So, I decided to write a lot of the content in advance, and alongside my contributor Chelsea, we’ll be bringing you content throughout my maternity leave – likely 5 days a week, just like normal. Content from me is mainly pre-written, but you’ll still be seeing fresh content sprinkled in as well.

While I’m not sure when my official leave will be “over,” or what working as a mother looks like after March or so, this felt right for now.

ALSO! Excited to announce that we have the because I’m addicted Instagram relaunching! I hadn’t been posting on there in years, but especially with the new baby, I wanted a place more dedicated to this site. A less personal place to showcase what’s on the blog – and all things style, wellness, clean beauty, clean living, and so forth. And I wanted my personal Instagram to be just that – more personal. So, if you’re a fan of the blog, please follow along on Instagram – especially while I’m taking this time away. Hope you love the account!

Thank you for all the sweet and well wishes thus far. I can’t wait to share a little more of this time with you all once we’re settled. xx

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  1. Congratulations to you and your husband!!! I’m a long time silent fan of the website but am so overjoyed for you I am entering the commenting realm. Good luck and can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. Many blessings to you and your new family member, Geri! I was thrilled to read this when I checked in with BIA today.
    Much love,

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