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Create Your Life Plan Book KIKKI.K
Now that the first month of the new year is almost over, I wanted to talk about resolutions in a different way. Just like we’re all different people, we all have different ways of setting goals for the new year – or not. Some of us like to write things down, others like to think about things in their head, some like to fully ignore goals and just keep living. And that’s all great!

But I’ve personally found something that totally inspired me when looking forward into this year. I like to share products or items with you guys when I truly love them, and this book/planner/guide called ‘Create Your Life Plan Book’ by  kikki.K  is one of them.

Not only is it chock-full of motivational thoughts and quotes, but it essentially lays out your year for you – with you being the driving force behind morals, focuses and decisions. If writing down goals or resolutions is just too big picture for you, this book really lets you sink into your soul and think about WHY you want to work on certain aspects of your life – and how some things are actually not that important. Or not a priority at this point in your journey.

Essentially, it helps you to envision your year in a cool practice. I took a few different sessions to fill it out entirely, but if you’re feeling stuck in between what you want to work on this year vs. not, I think you might like this book. Grab some coffee/tea, put on a little light music, and enjoy – it’s all the good feels.

Let me know if you get it and what it does for you – or if you’ve already done it yourself!

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  1. I love everything that’s setting goals and intentions – I do it personally on a journal, and just write down my hopes for the year. It’s important also to print out a small piece of paper with your main goal and keep it on your desk or a place where you always look at so that you are reminded of it everyday and keep working towards your goals.
    -Belen from a Hint of Life – a stylish self-improvement blog

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