My Fears As A New Mom

fears as a new mom

fears as a new mom
The world revolves around one person for the first portion of your life and that person is YOU! From school and athletics to careers and love lives, our late teens and early twenties are a time of self discovery driven by indulging. And then perhaps one day later in your twenties or thirties, you lift your head up and have found yourself lucky to be madly in love with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you get married. Your life now revolves around your partnership until surprise! you’re pregnant and about to have a child. For the first time in your life, your world is going to revolve around someone other than you, and that my friends, can be daunting. At least for me it is as I sit here writing this nine months pregnant.

Over the last several months, as I inched closer to officially becoming a mother, I’ve experienced all sorts of rational and irrational fears about becoming a mom. All perfectly normal (IMO) and I thought I’d share some of them because I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Here are some of the concerns that keep me awake at night:

Will I carry full term? Will I be able to get this baby out? Will we be a good partnership when it comes to breastfeeding? Will I bond with the baby? Will I like being a mom? Will it come naturally to me? Will I be too strict? What if gd forbid something happens to them, will I be able to handle it (I know what it’s like to come close to losing one of the people you love most after almost losing my husband)? How will I balance work and motherhood? What will happen to our marriage when we go from two to three? Am I ready to share my husband with someone that he, dare I say, loves more than me? What will I feed this person every single day for the rest of their pre-college lives? Will people judge our organic lifestyle? How will our strong lifestyle beliefs blend in with families that we’re close to that don’t share these ideals? What will I say when they look up to me with big innocent eyes and ask why I don’t have a dad? I don’t want them to have any fear that their father will ever leave.

What types of fear do you have as a mom?



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  1. I am inch closer and closer to being a first time mom and the closer it gets the more fears I have. A lot are very much the same as yours. I just wonder how I am going to figure out how to be a mom. Does it come naturally or are all these parents doing secret research that we have no idea about. I completely feel you momma!


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I’m not a new mom and I’m not pregnant but I am going thru a difficult situation in my life with my little brother and I find myself thinking these kind of thoughts. I think about how could I possibly be a good mom someday if I can’t handle the situation with my brother; how would I be able to take care of my future babies when all I want to do now is run and hide?
    I think these thoughts are normal but all I can say is motherhood seems like the most rewarding job there is. You are lucky to have your husband, together you guys will be able to face anything in life. I know in my life, my parents have been able to face ALOT together, side by side.
    Congrats on the baby <3
    -Belen from a Hint of Life – a stylish self-improvement blog

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