5 Apps & Programs to Help You Get Organized

Organizational Apps

Apps to Help Get Organized
With thousands to choose from nowadays, it can be impossible to figure out which apps and programs are worth spending your money (or time) on, and which ones actually help make life easier – not harder. And trust me, I’ve been through most of them! There are 5 that I’ve kept on my phone or computer and are totally worth checking out – promise.

Apps to Help Get Organized:

1. Asana

When you manage a team (or even just a project), it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everyone’s tasks without semi losing your mind. Asana makes managing all of your tasks (and your team’s) a breeze – it lets you assign due dates, propose new ideas, and manage work schedules all in one spot. It’s really helpful for team collaboration, too – the interface coordinates tasks and conversations between multiple people at once.

2. Goodbudget

One of the most common ways to build a budget is known as the envelope system, which literally means dividing your cash ahead of time into separate envelopes for all of your expenses each month. Obviously it’s not as common to pay for everything with cash anymore, so Goodbudget is the virtual take on this idea. The app lets you specify how you want to spend or save your money each month, and it also includes a pie chart that breaks down how much you’re spending (I love being able to see this visually). Genius!

3. Dropbox

It’s known as a cloud storage company, but it’s really more than that – Dropbox has made it possible for me to work from virtually anywhere and has helped tremendously with keeping me organized. It keeps all of my files, photos, docs, and videos in one place and lets me access them online or offline, from all of my devices. Since I can store things on Dropbox, I never have to worry about some things being on my laptop, and some on my phone – everything is organized in folders and available in the cloud from all of my devices. And when I want to share a file with someone, I can easily do so with just a link (and even set an expiration date so that it can’t be viewed forever).

4. Lastpass

It’s pretty much impossible for me to remember my passwords anymore, and I seriously don’t know I used to do anything without a password organizer. LastPass stores all of your usernames and passwords, and then lets you access them with just one master password. Having to remember just ONE password versus a gazillion? Ahh, this makes my life so much easier on a whole other level!

5. Planoly

If you run any sort of Instagram account for your job (or even a personal account you’re super passionate about), make it WAY easier on yourself by planning things out in advance. Planoly lets you drag different photos around to make sure your feed looks #flawless, and it’ll even alert you when it’s time to post. I usually plan out my business account once a week while watching TV, then boom, done for the week!

Do you already use any of these apps or programs? If not, what do you use and love to help keep you organized?

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  1. Omg I could not live without dropbox!! I’m always working on my blog from different computers so it’s vital that I can reach everything wherever I am! I don’t use Planoly but I do use Unum which is similar. Asana sounds like something I need to check out though! I’m always trying to find ways to project manage better! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion & Lifestyle

  2. Great list! If you like Asana, I would recommend Zenkit. It offers different ways to “view” your data. Like a table, to-do list, calendar, etc. Everyone works on the same data, but use different “views” to interact with it. Teams love it!

    I’d also recommend using a time tracker, like Toggl and Freedom to block out noise.

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