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macrobiotic salad

macrobiotic salad
I’m a huge fan of self-reflection. Whether it’s through journaling, mindfulness, or talking with friends and family, it’s something I’m constantly trying to add more of. I find that so often we’re going through life on autopilot and pushing to grow, yet we don’t look back and self-reflect enough. It’s one of the most valuable tools we have, in my opinion.

As I get back on track with clean eating (which I’m thrilled be to able to do fully, without feeling nauseous or anything affecting the baby), I find myself keeping diaries of all things food. It’s helping me to not only stay on track with what the baby is eating, but me as well.

And with baby or not, I find that food journals are a significant tool for nurturing a healthy diet. I don’t use it as a way to track calories or anything like that, but more so to see what’s sitting well. Which food combos gave me extra energy that day? Which days did I feel blah? What did I eat the day before?

It’s a great way to stay accountable for what you’re putting in your mouth, but also to self-reflect on food choices. If you’re looking to find more accountability with your diet or figure out what’s making you feel like sh*t (or amazing!), I highly rec a food diary.

Use your phone or a physical journal, and see how you like it after a few weeks. Let me know how it goes!

Any other food diary lovers out there?

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