The Skinny On Non-Toxic Shampoos and Conditioners

non toxic shampoo

Non-Toxic Shampoos
I try my best to use clean beauty products, but a place that was lacking until more recently was what I use to cleanse and condition my hair. Something about massaging chemicals directly into my scalp just didn’t sit well with me, yet I couldn’t find an option that lived up to my regular shampoos. It’s definitely one of the last clean beauty pushes of mine, but I’m happy to say I’m officially using more clean stuff in the shower.

When it comes to clean hair care, the most important ingredients to steer clear of in your shampoo are sulfates (harsh cleansing agents), parabens, and phosphates. Just remember: your skin is your largest organ (scalp included!), so it’s pretty crucial when trying to live clean. If you aren’t sure if an ingredient is good or bad, try referencing this list of ingredients to avoid.

If you don’t like what you see when comparing your current shampoo to the list, it’s time to swap out your shampoo for a non-toxic one. If you’ve given non-toxic shampoo a try and it didn’t perform well for you (#beenthere), don’t give up just yet.

It isn’t necessarily hard to find non-toxic shampoos – but it has been difficult (for me) to find one that actually works. After a lot of trial and error, I finally found this non-toxic shampoo by Playa which I love. It’s an SLS-free, every day shampoo that is coconut-derived. Instead of using harsh sulfates, it gently foams to remove impurities while preserving your hair’s natural oils. And it’s even packed with coconut water for hydration and sugar beet extract to stimulate hair growth (score!). I’ve also heard great things about Sachajuan and Rahua.

Ready to try?

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