7 Non-Toxic Beauty Products That Mimic a Spa

When I think of the places I’m most happy, often times that place involves a spa. Whether on vacation or in my own city, splurging on a treatment is literally my happy place. Anyone else? There’s something about the spa smell, cucumber water, and products that always leaves me feeling completely blissed.

Since my budget doesn’t allow for daily spa visits (the dream!), I’ve been trying to recreate those feelings at home. I won’t lie and say it’s exactly the same, but with a robe, zen music, and these 7 products, it’s pretty damn close. Plus, all of these products are non-toxic, which I can’t say is the case for most of the spas I visit.

Exfoliating Cubes

One way to exfoliate is by body brushing, which I love, but if you want to experience something a little fancier, Harper + Ari’s Rose exfoliating sugar cubes will get you there. Even for those with showers only, you can use a cube to massage rough patches and get that baby-smooth skin that makes your shower pamper-filled. And the smell is incredible.

Soaking Salts

If you’re more of a bath girl – and on days when I really want to copy the spa experience, I heat up big, hot bath – it’s all about the bath salts. I’ve found that a lot of non-toxic options leave a residue, but Herbivore’s mixes don’t. Made with ylang ylang and vanilla, their Calm version will leave you feeling just that.

Face mist

I bring a little spa into my daily routine with Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Spray. After rinsing with water in the a.m., I spritz this all over my face and neck, then let it sink in. It’s made with coconut water and hibiscus flower and does an excellent job at hydrating. Plus, I just feel kinda fancy, which I like. Pro tip: use this after the gym to spruce up your face with a pretty scent.

Hair mask

This isn’t something I remember to do weekly, but when I do, I never regret it. My hair always feels best after a deep conditioning treatment whether at a spa or my salon, but again, not something I can pay to get often. It took me a while to find a non-toxic version that lived up to mainstream products, but so far, I’ve been loving Sachajuan’s Overnight Hair Repair. I leave it on for a few hours (or overnight) when I’ve craving extra beauty without the price tag.

Easy face mask

Other than a massage, a facial is probably my favorite spa splurge. And though I generally enjoy face masks, I find that some are such a mess that they feel like anything but the spa. Herbivore’s Brighten is super easy, smells good, and it works in 10 minutes flat. The perfect product for spa-like results in the time it takes to stretch before bed!

Face oil

I’m pretty good at applying this nightly, and it’s another quick product that makes me feel special in a matter of seconds. Plant Apoocathery oils still reign supreme in my medicine cabinet as I find them the most light weight. With ingredients like white tea seed to soothe, hazel nut and pomegranate for a boost of antioxidant and juniper to restore, their Superfacial is such a yummy spa-like treat for your complexion.

Aromatherapy oil

Any type of aromatherapy makes me feel like I’m mimicking the spa, especially Palermo’s Tranquility Oil. Gently rub this on your pressure points (side of forehead or under neath wrists) for a quick massage and alllllll the chill vibes. Even a sniff of the roller reminds me of the spa. I keep this next to my bed for night-time application before drifting off.

Mix these products together for the ultimate spa day at home – you can thank me later!

Any other products to add to this list? You know I’m listening.

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  1. A great list of clean beauty to make you feel pampered at home. Pure rose water as a face mist is a must for me. It’s also such a multi-tasking product – I mix it with one of my favorite face detox masks – Wild Rose by From Molly, With Love.

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