Are You Using Reusable Produce Bags? Let’s Discuss.

I pride myself on being as environmentally smart as possible or at least doing what I can to improve the state and future of our planet. Living in LA, I’m constantly surrounded by new ways to be Eco-friendly, which is one of my favorite things about the people in this massive city. Yes, the excess driving and pollution is ugly, but I do find the citizens of LA making strides to leave less of an impact, which is inspiring.

I’ve switched to steel straws, use reusable grocery bags, compost (though I could improve here!), carpool as much as possible, use non-toxic products around the house and in my beauty routine, and so forth. But there’s always more I would be doing, which I’m well aware of. Especially bringing Leo up in such a volatile time for our planet, it’s something on my mind daily.

This seems like something you guys like reading about too, as I get tons of questions whenever I mention a Eco-friendly swap on Instagram. So today’s LIVE WELL is written to highlight something I don’t see a ton of people using yet: reusable produce bags. While most people seem to be carrying reusable bags for their bigger items, there’s still an excess of plastic in terms of what we store produce in. While not as large, the impact is still major on our oceans and recycling centers.

If you buy produce from the store of farmer’s market, consider going reusable. I love these mesh options which I got off Amazon and are very reasonably priced. Plus, you can wash them to keep things sanitary. I just keep them in the same bags that I bring to the grocery, and it’s a very convenient way to improve your footprint without adding to the plastic epidemic.

Hope this was helpful! Are you guys interested in seeing more swaps like this?

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  1. Ive literally just started using mesh bags for loose produce and the cotton net bags for bigger items. I also appreciate that Trader Joe’s started offering biodegradable “plastic” bags for their produce. And Ive also finally taken the plunge on stainless steel straws as well (mostly for my morning smoothies) – now if I can just carry them with me for when I’m on the go!

  2. Good ideas! The thing I struggle with is my love for Instacart and the excess bags they use for produce, bulk goods, and even the brown bags themselves…maybe we can get them to introduce a eco version with reusable produce bags and jars that you return to them on a future delivery…

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