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Figuring out how to dress my postpartum body of expanded hips and a larger chest – which needs easy access for feeding – has been a bit of a challenge (read: have had quite a few meltdowns in my closet) BUT I’m figuring out how to make due. I bought a few pants and jeans a size or two up which have been a life saver, as have button downs, loose crop tops and some items from boob design (a brand that makes clothing specifically for feeding), like this sweater.

Any other suggestions on what to wear for breastfeeding?

Wearing: boob design, Madewell jeans & Edge of Ember hoops

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  1. I wear a nursing tank top under a flowy top. You can lift your top and drape it a bit over the baby while she nurses underneath. This way you are both covered underneath by the tank top and on top by the blouse.

  2. I gave ZERO thought to my postpartum wardrobe and that is my only real regret with my birth/ postpartum “story”. I wore the same button down and my maternity jeans forever! Next time- flowy easy access tops, jeans that fit my body postbirth and cute sweats/cozy clothes for visits

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