My Morning Wellness Routine As A New Mom

Mornings have a whole different feel in our house with the new bebe! And it’s a really beautiful thing. We rise early, catch the sunrise, get in little cat naps after feedings, and in-between the feedings and naps, I sneak in quality mama time.

My wellness routine is certainly not as indulgent as my life before the baby, but to be totally honest with you, I was really ready for life to be much less about me. I wanted something more, something bigger, and having a child, growing our family, was what I was seeking. Having Leo feeds my soul in a way that no meditation practice, workout or morning elixir ever could have, and that type of soul nourishment is the best “wellness” practice I could ask for. And beyond that, this is what my morning wellness routine consists of as a new mama:

1. Chug

From the time I have dinner to the the time I have breakfast I breastfeed three times, so drinking a ton of water is essential when I wake up. I love hot water with lemon, or if I’m worried about my supply, I’ll toss on a kettle of Mother’s Milk Tea.

2. Stretches and posture

My body has felt out of wack since delivery and my back is a mess from hunching over for hours while feeding. I spend a few minutes every morning doing intentional stretches to help my back, specifically my posture, foam roll, then toss on a posture brace (I bought this one) for the first 2 hours of the day. I find that wearing the brace gets me on track for the rest of the day. Besides the morning, I put it on later in the day for a touch up.

3. Self-love shower

I’ve always been a shower girl and now with less time, I make sure to reallllly enjoy them. Hyrdrotherapy just zens me out. I use a handful of my favorite products that make me feel good like a body polish, hair mask, face exfoliate, etc. and while I cleanse, I set my intentions for the day.

4. Fast beauty treatments

I wake up looking a bit more tired than usual which isn’t a complaint, simply a fact, so in addition to overnight beauty treatments which are my latest obsession, I often give myself a little something to help make me feel better. I roll the inflammation out of my face and from underneath my eyes with the Nurse Jamie’s facial-firming beauty tool and if I have time, toss on some sort of quick mask like the goop instant facial or a hydrating eye mask.

5. Get ready

This may not sound like an obvious part of a “wellness routine,” but for a new mom who is home a lot with a baby, it is! Simply getting dressed and putting on makeup, even if I have absolutely nowhere to go, gives me a big boost. I just feel better which is what wellness is technically all about, right?

6. Healthy breakfast

I’m trying to shed some of the baby weight so I consulted with my girl Kelly LeVeque of Be Well By Kelly who put me on a plan. I either have some sort of scramble with avocado or am downing a smoothie (her fab4smoothies have a cult following). Lately, I’ve been into adding goopglow into my smoothies along with collagen, protein powder, flaxseed and chia seed. It’s a dream in a cup for hair, skin, energy and the like!

7. Supplements

As far as the supplements go that I’m not dropping into a smoothie, I take bio-k probiotic, selenium (in the form of 2 Brazil nuts a day for my thyroid), sunflower lecithin (for breastfeeding), placenta pills (what’s left of them) and vitamin-D (aren’t we all deficient these days?!).

And as for my meditation practice, that now happens later in the day during nap time. What about you, what’s your morning wellness routine like these days?

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