Overnight Beauty Products That Work While You Sleep

Raise your hand if you want a 7-10 hour beauty treatment? Me, me, me, me, meeee!

Enter: overnight beauty products.

I’m all about finding products that do the maximum amount of work for my skin, hands and body while I sleep. Especially now that I get less shut eye with the new bebe and generally have less time.

Here are 7 items (plus a bonus) that I love to use overnight so I can be liiike, “I woke up like this!”

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

This uber-dewy, hydrating mask developed by two of my friends and bloggers, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores, soothes thirsty, stressed-out skin by steeping cells in a nourishing mix of vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants and gently exfoliating extracts. It’s not technically an overnight mask (you can use it for 10 minutes and be golden), but I like to leave this on overnight to wake up renewed and radiant.

Tata Harper’s Contouring Eye Mask

I don’t go to sleep without swiping on a bit of this mask. It smoothes the look of crow’s feet and reduces the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue. Yes, please!

Grown Alchemist – Lip Balm: Vanilla & Watermelon

A good lip balm overnight means smooth beautiful lips come morning. I’m constantly going through tubes and sticks of different lip balms – I also love Henne Luxury Organic Lip Balm, Vapour Organic Beauty Lux Lip Conditioner or any natural chapstick like Burt’s Bees.

Pai Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Therapy Hand Cream

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of using hand cream during the day. It generally leaves my hands greasy, my fingerprints end up everywhere, and as someone who touches my face often, it can lead to unwanted breakouts. Instead, I lather up at night with something realllly nourishing and that currently is Pai. Formulated with premium-grade organic ingredients and without irritating chemicals such as Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol and Formaldehyde, it’s rich in Vitamin C and Omega 3, 6 & 7.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I swear by a good Hyaluronic serum! I use it morning and night and lay on a little extra overnight to get the most out of the beauty potion. It helps replenish moisture and revitalizes the outer layer so that you look softer, smoother and glowey. I swear by it and tons of brands make them like OSEA and SkinCeuticals. etc. The one I use is bottled up by my facialist who unfortunately doesn’t sell online, but I’m trying to help her change that.

KORA Organics Noni Glow Body Oil

If I shower at night and have a few extra minutes, I love to seal my skin with a really beautiful oil. Currently using Miranda Kerr’s Noni but also love OSEA Undaria Algae Oil.

A humidifier

A humidifier realllly helps with dry skin as it helps retain moisture – keeping you nice and glowy. And beyond that, it’s good for sinuses, coughs, and allergies. Win win!

BONUS: A silk pillowcase because wrinkles! More on that here.

What do you like to use overnight for maximum results?

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