4 Ways to Deal With Tech Neck

In a world obsessed with phones, tablets and computers, of course there’s a new beauty concern to go with it. Enter: tech neck. What is tech neck? It refers to the wrinkles that can prematurely pop up on your neck due to constantly looking down at a screen. Ain’t nobody got time for premature wrinkles, so to beat them before they take over, here are four things that can counteract them.

Less screen time

The first, and probably most obvious solution, is to put down the phone. There are several benefits to limiting daily screen time, preventing tech neck is just one of them. Of course we all have jobs and people in our lives to keep up with, but look at it as an opportunity to be more present. At the very least, hold them up higher, k?

Nurse Jamie Instant Uplift Facial Firming Beauty Tool

Although the name suggests it’s only for the face, don’t be fooled. This tool can work just as well on wrinkles from tech neck as it does for the ones on your face. It’s kind of interesting to look at, but don’t let that intimidate you. All you have to do is roll it on the area you want to “uplift” for 30-45 seconds daily. It basically mimics a facial massage, which is important to make skin look rejuvenated. Easy!

Vitamin C serum

Serums have made a big splash in the skincare world in the last year. There are tons of good options out there but I really like Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum and Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum. Obviously this type of serum is fab for your face too, so when applying just make sure to spread down onto your neck and chest.


While serums should be added to your morning skincare routine, adding a retinol to your nighttime routine has great anti-aging benefits (aka wrinkle and fine-line prevention). Some people have sensitivities to retinol, so you may want to consult with you dermatologist before adding this to your skincare regimen. I personally use once a week and my sensitive skin is cool with it.

What are some other suggestions out there? Anyone else heard of tech neck? Would love to hear more ideas on how to deal.

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  1. I use sunblock because I am out in nature in the early morning I wish I had taken as good of care of my neck as I did with my face but it is never to late.I use a cream with peptides and I used C serum on my face when I was younger.Now using retinal and oils to repair I hope the damage.Also I find the stretching the neck and shoulders is essential for me

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