20+ Ways to Practice Whole-Body Wellness

20+ Ways to Practice Whole-Body Wellness
Wellness might be the buzzword of the century, but for us at Because I’m Addicted, it’s truly a way of life. Not just wellness in terms of eating well or trying the latest trend out of Los Angeles, but practicing something we like to call “whole-body wellness.” At its core, wellness is simply about living your best life. From a healthy body to a safe home to self-love, we’re all about exploring ways that make life better – and sharing that with you!

If you feel like you’re not living well in an aspect of your life or are feeling unbalanced of sorts, not to fret. Today’s article is a round-up of some of the best content living on BIA relating to whole-body wellness. Some are quick tips, some go deeper, but with every item below, you’ll be increasing the wellness factor in your own life. Enjoy!

  1. Allow less toxins into your system.
  2. If you’ve been judging people too much, remove it from your life.
  3. Consume food in a more mindful way.
  4. Start setting intentions (it only takes 5 minutes) for more purpose in your everyday routine.
  5. If you’re wanting to work smarter and not harder, batch tasks.
  6. Incorporate an easy way to make your beauty routine less toxic.
  7. Begin a environmentally-healthy habit like composting. It’s actually really easy!
  8. Sit up straight.
  9. If you’ve been on a sugar binge, here’s how to cut it.
  10. Get up to date with healthy appointments. Here’s who to see and when!
  11. Add a healthy supplement to every meal.
  12. Read a motivating book.
  13. Create a spiritual oasis without needed to dedicate a room to it. Use it for meditation, journaling, or breathing.
  14. Get more sleep. Seriously though!
  15. Identify what’s making you unhappy and make a change. Here’s something that can make you happier in an instant.
  16. Take a break from your phone.
  17. Do a self-love practice that literally takes 10 minutes (but hopefully longer!).
  18. Incorporate fitness, even on the busiest days.
  19. If you suffer from anxiety, finally see someone to help, or attempt preventing it with these simple practices.
  20. Make a nutritious meal. Aim to make 80% of your meals clean.
  21. Turn your home into a wellness retreat.
  22. Learn to love and appreciate your body.

Now it’s your turn to share! Clearly we love wellness – plz let us know one way you’re practice whole-body wellness today.

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  1. Thanks a ton! We can all relate to this post and find plenty of useful tips.

    I would like to add that getting enough sun exposure is also essential for one’s well-being. And it’s not just about vitamin D. Sunshine literally charges our energy levels and instantly improves our mood.

    Of course, it’s important to play it safe.

    I’ve recently published a series of articles on vitamin D, sunlight, and other health&wellness topics. Would be glad to share the inspiration with you, so let’s keep in touch!


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