The $12 Beauty Item I Can’t Get Enough Of

ice roller

ice roller
There’s nothing better than discovering a beauty product that makes you feel really great EXCEPT FOR discovering a beauty product that makes you feel really great and doesn’t break the bank.

Enter: The $12 ESARORA Ice Roller.

An ice roller is a water or gel-filled device that you freeze then use to roll out your face. Ice rolling helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, depuffs your eyes, increases blood flow, tightens pores, awakes the skin, fights wrinkles, calms skin and if you get headaches, it’s great for that, too.

I know it sounds too good to be true but trust me, it’s not. I’m an exhausted mama and you can see it on my face when I wake up – ice rolling genuinely makes a visible difference, and since getting my hands on the simple device, I haven’t skipped a day. I keep the roller in my freezer and while I’m making/having coffee in the morning I roll out my face, eyes and throat, generally following a facial lymphatic drainage massage method (watch this video here for a how-to). Afterward, I clean the device then finish my beauty routine like usual.

Has anyone else used an ice roller? Any other tips?

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