4 Books I’ve Read and Loved Lately

By now you guys probably know that I’m a big reader and I hope you like these quaterly book lists I’ve been sharing. After a busy summer of travel, I’ve been able to go through quite a few on planes and such. Here are four that stood out.

Girl, Wash Your Face

OK so here’s the thing about this book. I don’t love the description – because it’s all about “the lies we tell ourselves,” which is a liiittle cheesy for me. BUT I do love this author so I wanted to read it. The book might be cheesy at parts, but it’s such a good reminder of all the things we can do in life (and what we don’t have to). And even if I don’t feel like I tell myself lies, this book is incredibly relatable and motivating. I think every woman would get something out of it!


I’m a minimalist in many ways, but there are areas where my life in anything but. This book has a cult following and for good reason. Even for someone who lives pretty minimal, this book had great lessons and ideas – mainly when it came to decluttering my work life. I felt incredible reading it and haveĀ  bought it for a few friends, too. If you want to live with less, read this book.

Girl Code

I’ve heard about this book for years and finally read it (it’s been on my shelf forever). As a female business owner, I felt it was time to update my view on work (and the systems I have in place) and this was so very refreshing. It’s a toolbox of sorts for female entrepreneurs – and whether you’re new to the game or an OG, I think there’s something to learn.

Be Well by Kelly

Geri and I are both major fans of Kelly and her book was full of information about health and nutrition. And not in a bullshitty way! She’s a celeb nutritionist with a background in science so she’s not only an authority on the matter, but I love her tactics. If you need a boost when it comes to losing weight, eating better, or overall nutrition, do yourself a favor and read this. It’s full of yummy recipes, too!

What should I read next? My stack is actually alarmingly low!

P.S. More books I love right here.

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  1. Never heard of the Girl Code. Looked it up and sounds like something I’m going to be interested in. Already ordered it. Thanks!

  2. I’ll have to check these out. I just did a “my favorite reads post too” and one of my favorite books of all time is “Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons.” It sounds like a fluffy beach read and it is a fun quick read, but it’s so much more. It gives a really interesting look into what it was like being a women, mother, wife, worker from the 60’s through the 90’s, a period where society and women’s roles changed so much.

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