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Up until I was in my late 20’s, I owned two makeup brushes: one for bronzer and the other was a basic eyeshadow brush which I didn’t use often. I was much more of an apply-with-hands type of girl. And even though I now have a full range of brushes, I still have an affinity for using my hands. It’s just more tactile and I find it easier. Plus, there are so many great products that don’t need brushes and the result is a dewy, natural look. Here are a few of my favorites:

RMS Highlighter & Eye Polish
I’ve written about this and talked about it endlessly but it’s still one of my favorite products! The highlighters and eye polishes swipe on so beautifully and are pretty much foolproof. I schmeer the eye polish in lunar all over my cheeks and eyes every single day for an extra glow and opt for bolder colors on my lids at night.

Jillian Dempsey Lid & Cheek Tints
I used Jillian’s coconut-based lid tints for a while and loved the ease of use. She recently launched cheek tints and they are just as good. Bonus, you really can use both these products all over your face. I like to use the same color on my lids, cheeks and lips dabbed ever so lightly.

W3LL People Concealer
Beautyblender’s have a huge following but it’s not something I’ve been able to get into because my hands just feel so much easier. Am I the only one? W3LL People’s concealer is nice and liquidy but not too thin and when combined with the warmth of my hand, it melts into my skin. I apply it under my eyes, around my nose and on top of blemishes as a spot corrector.

What brush-free products are you loving?

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  1. Hi Geri,
    You had listed the W3LL People Concealer in an instrastory as part of your routine a little while ago. I recently purchased it and am very happy with how great it is! The product is easy to use and looks beautiful – and a little goes for miles and miles. I find it lasts almost the entire workday and that’s a huge plus working in a busy office with little time to touch up. The Jillian Dempsey lid tints are also a new favorite. Thanks for reassuring me I can use them anywhere!
    Thank you for the great clean beauty recommendations and content on BIA.

  2. I’m not brush savvy when it comes to eye makeup lol But if I haven’t washed my brushes, my fingers make do! I hope the idea of cheek tints!

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