Commonly Asked Questions When Starting Solids – Answered

introducing solids to your baby

introducing solids to your baby
Solids are so much fun but can also feel overwhelming as there are a lot of questions that come along with introducing food to your child. When do you start? Where do you start? How much food? How often? Do you still give the same amount of milk? Here are some of the most common questions along with answers:

When should you introduce solids?

Most pediatricians will recommend starting your baby on solids around six months; however, always consult your doctor before starting.

How do you introduce solids?

There are two main ways to introduce solids to your baby: purees and baby-led weaning (BLW). There is no one correct way to start solids, so knowing the benefits and challenges of both approaches can help you choose the method that will work best for you. You can also combine the two methods together to provide your baby with the benefits of both.

What are purees?

Purees are a traditional approach of feeding a baby where you start with smooth purees and slowly transition up to finger foods. When offering purees, parents feed the baby by spoon.

What is baby-led-weaning?

BLW is a newer approach of feeding where you start your baby on appropriate child-sized finger foods which they self-feed to themselves. To learn more, check out this book.

When starting solids, how does this impact your milk feedings?

It doesn’t change the amount of milk you feed. You still feed the same amount of milk, as this is your babies main source of nutrition.

How often should you feed your baby solids?

To start, try once a day then gradually build up to three meals.

What time of day is best to feed when starting?

Feeding your baby in the morning is best so that you have the full day to see if there are any allergic reaction, belly aches, gas, etc. If any of these occur, write them down in a food journal, and if you’re concerned about allergies, contact your doctor immediately.

How many different foods can you try at a time?

It’s suggested to start with one food item (one specific fruit/veggie, rice cereal or whatever you choose) and offer it for three days in a row. This will allow you the chance to understand what sits well with your child and what does not. Continue on the every-three-day test for the first few weeks, then drop it to every other, then eventually feed as freely as you wish.

Hope this helps anyone beginning to start! To read about our introduction to solids, head right this way.

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  1. I love all these mommy/baby posts. Starting solids tomorrow and I told my husband that I don’t want to start with cereal. He asked why and I said “because Geri didn’t”.

  2. HI Geri — Great blog and timely info for me as new mom. What are your thoughts on the Stokke Tripp Trapp? Do you like it? Is it difficult to put the baby in it? Im hearing mixed reviews..

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