How To Clean Your Ice Roller

how to clean your ice roller how to clean your ice roller   how to store your ice roller
Who else is loving their $12 ice roller?! Is it not the best thing ever?!

In case you missed it (which is IMPOSSIBLE if you follow me on the gram), an ice roller is a water or gel-filled device that you freeze then use to roll out your face. Ice rolling helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, depuffs your eyes, increases blood flow, tightens pores, awakes the skin, fights wrinkles, calms skin and if you get headaches, it’s great for that, too. It’s heavenly!

I use mine every single morning while I handle the rest of my morning routine, then immediately clean it and slip it back into the freezer for the following day’s use.

Here’s how I clean my ice roller:

1. Wipe down and disinfect with alcohol swab pads (like these). This is really important as you’re rubbing the roller all over your face.

2. Slip into a bag such as a thin shoe or purse bag to keep clean while re-freezing for tomorrow’s use.

Repeat daily!

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  1. Hi!! I ordered this and I ordered the metal roller as well as this jelly one. I actually love the metal roller more it gets colder than the gel one. Just thought people might want to try the other one too. You can swap them out easily. Some mornings I use one until it gets cold then pop in the other. Xx

  2. Do you use as first thing in the morning even before washing your face and taking off products that you’ve applied the night before? What’s the step by step? 😉

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