My Neck Is Aging, Here’s What I’m Doing About It

I’ve dedicated a LOT of time to taking care of my face, but not much to my neck. In fact, I rarely applied moisturizer or serum to my neck until about a year ago, eeeek! Something I’m regretting and now paying attention to.

Since my neck started showing noticeable signs of aging postpartum, something that is fairly common with the hormone fluctuation, I’m staying on top of it from here on out. Here’s what I do for my neck:


Morning and night, when I apply hyaluronic acid or any serum to my face, I also apply it to my neck. Fingers crossed for the same results on my neck as face.


Same as above. When I apply moisturizer, I add it to my neck.


When I know I’m going to be in the sun for extended periods of time, I apply sunscreen to both the front and back of my neck. The front was an area I often overlooked when applying sunblock….until recently.


Neck masks are a thing and I am into them! I really like the SiO NeckLift and Nurse Jamie’s Neck & Décolleté Wrap (which is reusable for about 20 times) which you can roll with her Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller.


I think I’ve made my love for the ice roller clear by now, but did I mention I love to roll my neck with it too? I use that and the Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller to keep the skin tight and lifted.

What about you? Any secrets? Please spill!

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  1. I remember being in my 20s and my mom asking me if I put moisturizer on my neck. I said yes, and she said she wish she had when she was younger. It was something that stuck with me and I still think about it when I’m putting moisture on. I would hate to live with the regret of not doing it. I’ve seen a lot about these ice rollers. I’m thinking I’m working up to them!

  2. Ahh Geri, I can’t believe you didn’t include your neck for so long! Your ‘face’ is your face, neck and decolletage, so always apply whatever you’re using in all those places – exfoliate them all, face mask them all etc.
    I often forget to apply serums to my hands but use hand cream a lot (I should get better with serums still) but remember to apply spf on your hands when out and about.

  3. I recently invested in a microneedling derma roller from Amazon that cost $19.99. It’s like getting a microneedling treatment facial but without a machine. I use it all over my face as well as my neck. The premise is that the needles lightly bruise the skin and collagen is released to repair the damage, hence skin renewal. Loving it!

  4. Good ideas here but as an “older” woman I would recommend some facial/neck exercises or something that targets the muscle. The texture you have tackled but the sagging is one thing that you need to get a grip on early on.
    I wish I’d started sooner… but have still had great success with keeping the neck and jawline tight..

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