4 Things I Did for Myself This Month

This post is written by bia contributor Chelsea Becker

Last week, I shared how a recent addition of grace has improved my life – and it got me thinking…What other small things could I do for myself or add to my life to make it better? With that idea in mind, I made a short list of things to do that month. And now that it’s a month later, I wanted to share 4 things I did for myself in the past 30 days. I hope it inspires you to constantly better yourself – whether through something big or small – and to never forget the importance of looking out for yourself.

I got a massage and a facial

Though these pampering sessions aren’t something I always remember to do, this month I did. I ate more meals in than out to budget for it and treated my body and face to a massage and facial – all in one day. It was beyond relaxing, and my skin is looking better than it has in recent months since I’d been forgetting about the practice of facials. A simple reminder for myself to schedule these things in advance so that I don’t forget them in the future. Especially since some places need weeks in advance for an appointment. It’s now a reminder in my calendar to schedule them 1x a month.

I left events early

I was in a wedding earlier this month and was pretty exhausted by the time the night came (there were events the days leading up to the wedding day). I’ve also had a few work and personal functions that were supposed to last well past my bedtime. But you know what I did each time? I left when I got tired. Instead of forcing myself to be one of the last ones there (to show my support for the people/events being honored), I got there on time and left early. It might sound really small, but putting myself (and my rest) first felt really, really good – and no one seemed to mind!

I bought a new book

It’s a weird financial quirk I have, but I have such a hard time spending money on books. It’s probably because I know I can eventually borrow/swap with friends or check them out from the library, but it’s something I’m frugal with. Funny enough, I’m an avid reader, so it’s often that I go back and forth on whether to spend the $15 on a book I’m dying to read – though I’d easily spend that on a lunch out (if not more!). This month there was a book I really wanted to read (I’ll cover it in my next book roundup like this one), and you know what I did? I bought it! It lasted me weeks of reading material before bed and I was truly happy to open it each day. A great reminder to prioritize what I’m spending money on and to focus it on things that make me actually happy.

I gave up a couple clients

Saying no or letting people down is something I’ve struggled with since as far as I can remember. I’m a people pleaser by nature and like being liked/needed. But when my stress levels were sky high and I was working 12 hour days on some jobs that I didn’t necessarily feel aligned with, I decided it was time to scale back. Though that meant making less money and having to tell the clients, it felt so damn liberating. The clients totally understood and it wasn’t even a big deal – and now my work load feels balance. Funny how we can stress about things internally SO much when it’s not actually a big deal to other people. Gotta do you!

What’s something you did for yourself recently? Or something you’re inspired to do in the next 30 days?

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  1. I love that you left early. I have a habit of being one of the last to leave, and honestly, I just need to leave earlier because I’m trying to get this winding down before bed routine, down.

    I’ve also stopped saying yes, to things I don’t particularly care for, and being honest with how I feel when people try to infiltrate my boundaries.

    http://www.liveloveblu.com | wellness & healthy living

  2. That was inspiring. I ALWALYS leave events later than I would like…
    That is really something to think about.

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