My 7 Must-Listen Podcasts of the Moment

must listen podcasts

must listen podcasts must listen podcasts
It’s been way too long since our last podcast update (as in almost two years!), and as someone who listens to them daily… I apologize for the lack of a refresh! If you’re a podcast fan or are thinking about joining the trend, I can’t say enough about this list. Hopefully there’s something for everyone too, as I get bored with one genre.

Must-Listen Podcasts:

Mom Brain – I’m expecting my first child in spring (Chelsea here!), so I’m slowly consuming more mama content, including this podcast. It’s actually brand new, but a few episodes in and I’ve learned bucket loads. It’s hosted by Daphne Oz (as in Dr. Oz’s daughter) and Hilaria Baldwin (Alec Baldwin’s wife but also a yogi and wellness chick) and they’re very real. They’ve talked to mamas like Rebecca Minkoff and Sheryl Crow and it’s a great listen for any parents or soon-to-be’s.

The Daily – If you don’t have time to watch the news every day or are depressed by it, The Daily is an amazing resource. Produced by the people over at the New York Times, it’s a ~20 minute show covering something important going on in the world. From immigration to current events to gun reform, it’s a very balanced, informative show – with excellent journalism, obviously. This is what I listen to while making coffee and starting my day.

Goal Digger – OK so here’s the thing with this podcast – I only listen to about 1/3 of the episodes. But man, those 1/3 are really good. Some of the content is either irrelevant or too cheesy for me, but if you’re a small business owner, a lot of her content is excellent.

Second Life – This is hosted by Hillary Kerr from Who What Wear, My Domaine, etc., aka an incredible #girlboss. She interviews all scopes of powerful, smart women – all who have picked up a second career in life…aka a second life. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business OR just want to hear from special women, this is the show.

Almost 30 – The age factor really doesn’t come into play here, in my opinion. I think it’s great for any age! These girls talk a lot about wellness (similar to That’s So Retrograde that I also love) but in a fun(ny) way. From moon cycles to your menstral cycle, I’ve learned a lot from this show. I skip the ones that are too out there for me.

Armchair ExpertParenthood was my favorite show ever, so I’m a big fan of Dax Shepard who hosts this one. He’s an incredible speaker and talks to mainly celebrities (this Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Lena Dunham) but also experts – with amazing conversation. Dax is very candid about his life, and so are the people who come on the show. Some episodes are long but think of it as more of a story of one’s life. This is my in-the-car podcast.

Dirty John – This isn’t brand new, but if you’re looking for a mystery/thriller to stand up to Serial season 1, try this. It’s actually being made into a show on Bravo (which looks pretty bad, but I promise the podcast isn’t). It’s about a woman from Orange County who falls for a seemingly perfect man. I listened to this on a road trip and it consumed me the entire time!

OK your turn. What should I add to my list? What’s the best podcast you’ve listened to lately – or ever?

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  1. I love podcast, and I’ve been listening to Deliciously Ella lately, which touches on both health questions and how-to-build-a-business theme and I find it really interesting… But I never seem to find time to listen to podcasts… Like I don’t know when I can make time for them in my daily routine :/

  2. I really like Self-helpless. Hosted by three comedians and all about self help books, movies etc. Very funny and verhy honest.

    Besides that I’ve been loving the new Deliciously Ella podcast by Ella Mills and her husband about all things (mental)health, environment and building a brand.

  3. The Accidental Creative helps me get out of my creative funks.

    Dr. Death is an important story that many need to hear because it could happen to anyone

    Passing Through – Nneka tells these amazing descriptive stories about her life that make me want to be a better writer.

    Blu | wellness & healthy living

  4. uncover: escaping nxivm – “page turner” podcast! Also enjoying the goop podcast and of course a little oprah super soul sunday

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