Clean Non-Toxic Brows

clean beauty, eyebrows

clean beauty, eyebrows clean beauty, eyebrows clean beauty, eyebrows
I’m the first to admit that my makeup routine isn’t 100% clean yet. There are some products that I’m simply not willing to compromise on, but as time elapses and the clean beauty world expands with better and better products, I’m getting there.

Of alllll the things, brows were not a top priority for me when it came to non-toxic makeup, but I’ve discovered a handful of realllllly good, arguably better, clean brow products that I truly love, use and want to share.

Here’s are three of them:

ILIA Essential Brow Natural Volumizing Brow Gel

This buildable, tinted brow gel is my jam! It fills, thickens and helps sculpt without making the brows stiff; it’s very soft and flexible. It comes in three colors – blonde, medium and dark brown.

Beautycounter Color Define Brow Pencil

Developed to define brows so they appear thick, natural, and polished, this pencil glides on smoothly and has a wand on the opposite side for grooming.

Province Apothecary Full Brow Serum

My brows have never been bold a la Cara Delevingne/Brooke Shields, but they certainly were much fuller before having a baby. I’ve been on a mission to help stimulate growth, and this serum does just that – made with coffee and argan oil, it’s formulated to help encourage hair growth for healthy fuller brows.

Anything else to add to this list?

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