Things I’m Loving

Hiiii! I’m back with the series where I curate all things I’m currently loving or crushing on.

Please share anything you’re listening to, cooking, or wearing in the comments. I’d love to see what’s inspiring you at the moment, too!


How to manage your skin throughout your cycle.

The things French Girls never do with their hair. Taking note!

How to whiten your teeth – naturally.


6 morning rituals to help with anxiety – loved this.

An interesting piece on body insecurity.


How long is too long to pause your career for motherhood?


Thoughts and tips from your local baristas.

Recipes to make ahead for Thanksgiving. You’re welcome!

What to do after the California wildfires are out.


What are you loving this month? Share plz!

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  1. Things I’m loving are a healthy lifestyle, being a dog parent, and poem-making. I have also started to love skincare routines and beauty. Thank you so much for posting this!

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