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geri hirsch

geri hirsch geri hirsch
After retiring the wellness challenge/live well series (does anyone miss this or nahhh?), I thought it would be fun to bring a new column or two to the site. One of which we’re going to call “coffee talk” – a series where I answer 3 commonly asked questions that I receive on Instagram. The reason being, I tend to get a lot of overlap when it comes to DM questions so I want to give the answers a more public home.

To start, I polled everyone on stories last week requesting questions, and man, there are A LOT! But if you have others you’d like answered, please leave them in the comments here? Let’s start with some basics:

Where do you live in LA?

We live in the Hollywood Hills.

What camera do you use?

When I shoot my own content, I use a Leica Q or my phone; however, I do work with a couple of photographers who both shoot on a Nikon 810.

Are you still breastfeeding (this was the most commonly asked question)?

Yes, we are still going strong with the breastfeeding. Hallelujah! It has not been easy. Leo is now a year old and it’s the only milk she’s had, although we’re going to start introducing other milk soon…just not sure which one.

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  1. Yes, very much looking forward to this column! I always like these type of FAQ posts, it is fun to get to know a blogger a little bit better 🙂 And for the wellness/ live well challenge – I have only been a follower of your blog since later last year, so I have not read a ton of these posts. However, from my preferences point of view, I do enjoy Q&A posts more I think.
    xx Janine

  2. I love he wellness challenge, either it reminds me of a practice I forgot or I discover something new & simple that can improve my life.
    Excited about the coffee talk!

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