The “Self-Care Power Hour” Method

One of my favorite parts about writing for this site and working in the wellness/self-development world is learning from others. Whether that’s reading a comment and idea from a reader here or consuming content from other writers in the industry, there’s definitely no shortage of information. While I’m pretty picky about just how much I consume and from who, I do have a list of people’s site’s or Instagrams I check daily.

A site on that list is The Blissful Mind. The writer, Catherine, has a great way of simplifying concepts and I especially vibe with her articles on self-care. The wellness world can make self-care seem like this HUGE task we all need to accomplish every day, but that’s totally not how I think it should work. Catherine brings up the idea of a “self-care power hour” which I thought was really cool. And honestly, an hour might be too much time, so I think it could even be broken down into smaller increments – like the self-care power half an hour. Whatever works!

The gist is that you spend the first hour of your day focusing on self-care. I personally like doing some of my self-care routine in the morning and then saving the other part for before bed. I’m naturally a morning person, so I don’t love putting off work for too long – as I’m naturally most motivated to work first thing. But anyways, I could see how this power hour method would be super beneficial for those who need a boost to get out of bed. As Catherine puts it, “I think the number one reason we have trouble getting out of bed in the morning is that we don’t have anything to look forward to.”

With the self-care power hour, she suggests dedicating 20 minutes to your mind, 20 to your body, and 20 to your soul, and calls it a “power hour for your well-being”. Cool right?

Essentially, you choose 3 activities, one that hits each (body, mind, soul), and go through them in the order that feels best to you. For example, journaling or a crossword puzzle for your mind, stretching or a quick yoga session for your body, and listening to a podcast or making a healthy breakfast for your soul.

My favorite part of this is that you can make your own list of what nurtures your body, mind, and soul and switch it up daily. My power hour would likely look different than yours. And again, this doesn’t have to be all at once or even in the morning, but that’s how she breaks it down.

You can read her full article here, but hopefully without reading it, you understand the idea. I’ve been doing this most days of the week (saving the 20 minutes of mind before bed) and really love the structure of it, but also the flexibility!

Hope you enjoy! Would love to know what you think of the idea. Too much? Also – what sites are you always checking for this type of info?



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  1. I break mine up hiking for me in the morning fills my emotional.spritual and physical well being.After my bike I take a bath in Epson Salt and meditate.This sets me up for my day.During the day I pause and check in with myself.I also journal most nights before bed .Love your example Thank you Bear

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