What I’d Buy Again While Pregnant

This article is written by BIA contributor Chelsea Becker

Pretty much the second you get pregnant, you start thinking of what you need to buy. Then once you tell family and friends, that list grows as everyone shares their “must have” items. Before you know it, the nine months are over and you realize just how much you bought – and what you didn’t even touch. I’ll share what I wish I skipped in a couple weeks, but for now, wanted to share the items I’m soooo happy I bought. And that I’d gladly buy again if there’s a next time!

Back heating pad

I’ve used this heating pad no less than 200 times while pregnant – probably more. I love that it was slightly bulky to give support under a sore back, but I also used it on my hands, feet, thighs, etc. Life saver!

Whipped body blend

DedCool’s Vegan Whipped Souffle was my favorite body oil/balm throughout the process (and I tried A LOT). It wasn’t quite as oily as some options, it smells like heaven, it’s clean, and it’s incredibly soothing on stretching belly and boobs.


I had originally bought maternity leggings that were great, but by month 7, I hated being in anything tight. That’s when I moved to a pair of loose joggers..and ended up buying several of these (I sized up from a small to large and it was plenty of room). I found them to be so much more comfy for errands or walking the dog, and they were still cute!

Pill organizer

This was great for traveling while expecting and expediting the daily routine of taking pills. Obviously everyone is different, but I was taking a prenatal, an iron supplement, and 2 fish oil pills daily (aka 3 bottles to open daily). I would put a couple week’s supply in a pill organizer and kept it in my kitchen. PS I loved these prenatals that were gentle on my barfy stomach.

Preggie Pops

Geri actually told me about these pops and they were sooo helpful. They didn’t stop me from getting sick, but they took away the constant nausea – or at least partially subsided it. Read all her amazing natural remedies for morning sickness here, btw.

‘Nurture’ book

I was gifted several generous books from friends while pregnant – from journals to educational books – and honestly, this was the only book I truly looked forward to reading/using. It’s calming and informative and beautifully written!

Excited to share what I wish I didn’t buy in a couple weeks, but until then, what was on your must-have list for pregnancy?

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