How to Find Joy in Your Laundry Room

Let’s face it, laundry isn’t the most thrilling part of a daily routine, but when you have a baby, it’s just that – a daily routine. After what felt like hours a day in our dingy, unpractical laundry room post-Leo, we decided it was finally time to do something about the space. The rest of the house was renovated and it was our final room to spruce up. A couple months later and with a bunch of help from the team at Samsung, I can honestly say the laundry room brings me joy (see the transformation here). Here are a few things to consider to take your space from basic to joyful:


Paint goes a long way, no matter the room. Instead of living with whatever color the laundry room is, consider a pretty pop of color or even a bold wallpaper to make the room feel special or on par with the rest of the home. Just keep in mind the size of the room. If it’s tiny, keep things light, as we did.

Invest in machines

I’ve always gotten by with basic washer and dryers, and it wasn’t until working with Samsung that I realized just how legit machines could get in this area. We now have the Addwash Washer & Dryer and I’m obsessed. They have everything from a steam option to special settings like activewear (which has already saved so many of my pieces from getting stretched out or faded), offer the chance to add more pieces in once a cycle has started, are energy efficient and quiet, and can power wash – which is essential with a daughter who stains everythinggg. Plus, there’s an app for controlling the washer and dryer. Genius, right?

If you haven’t upgraded your machines as of late, highly, highly recommend looking into these!


Thank god for the door on our laundry room because for years I basically threw piles of dirty clothes into the room and then shut it. During the renovation, we added a handful of baskets in the cabinets to organize clothes in the space and it’s been a game changer. Consider baskets for dirty, clean, and then a couple more for specific loads like delicates or baby items. No more piles on the floor!


If you have space for folding clothes within the laundry room, try using the space as a quiet little retreat. Instead of schlepping clean laundry to your bed and then to each bedroom in the house to fold, try doing all the folding and post-dry organizing in the laundry room. Hook up a speaker for music or a podcast, or even work on deep breathing while in the space, and enjoy the process. It might sound cheesy, but I truly enjoy folding now once I shifted the chore into me time. Once folded, I put organized clothes in said baskets and put them in the proper rooms.

Thoughtful touches

It’ll depend on your room and the functionality of it, especially if you’re not trying to renovate, but think about exactly how your family goes through clothing. We hand wash and hang dry a LOT of items, so incorporating hanging/drying space was crucial. Whether that be via a rack or something more permanent, give thought into what makes space for your laundry needs, then find ways to add in.

Anything to add?

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  1. I desperately need to find joy in my laundry room. It’s my least favorite thing to do. Thank you for the inpsiration.

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