The Power of Feeling Satisfied

The last few months have been incredible work wise. I’ve been swamped with blog projects, we opened up our coffee shop and I’m consulting for two brands that I truly believe in. Yet at the end of many days, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. There was always more.

I’d look at my inbox or to-do list and focus on what was left or what I hadn’t gotten done. I’d look at Instagram and after consuming everyone’s bragging reels, wondered if I maximized my day in the same way it appeared everyone else had. What I had done never felt like enough.

Then one day, I decided I was done. Done feeling like I wasn’t satisfied with my daily accomplishments, done comparing myself to others’ not-so-real realities and done being so hard on myself.

I shifted my mindset, and instead of looking at what I hadn’t accomplished before wrapping up for the day, I took a moment to look over everything that I had gotten done. If I needed to, I wrote out a list to make sure I really understood how productive I was so that I felt satisfied.

The truth is, I AM productive AS FUCK and accomplish a great deal every single day – I just needed to remember that. And on days when I don’t for some reason, that’s OK, too. I’m doing the best I can.

With this shift to my approach to work, I return home feeling way less stressed, much more at ease and really good about my day. I operate from a place of sufficiency instead of deficiency which is an incredibly powerful tool.

Does anyone else relate to this or am I just a perfectionist obsessing over productivity?

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  1. So interesting! I’d say I defnitely can relate to the feeling you are talking about here, but mainly on those days were I really did not maximize my time… I am kind of addicted to being super busy and accomplish a lot in one day particularly because of that feeling of being satisfied with myself by the end of the day. If you struggle with that, I actually feel that such a list of your daily accomplishments is really helpful and I might want to start doing that as well!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    xx Janine

  2. Oh, I can imagine many relate. I know I do. This year, upon recommendation for those days that don’t come across as productive, instead of being hard on myself I keep a “Win Journal”. A pretty journal to list all of my proud accomplishments. This keeps my head in the best mind space for more wins. Celebrate your WINS!

  3. As I age I have learned perfectionism is overrated and never achieveable.As the words of my children as they said a prayer before bed “May I be the best that I can be and don’t compare myself to other people.” Very wise words, literary from the mouths of babes.😇🙏

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