How I Get More Mileage Out Of My Styled Hair

I’m just going to be honest here and say that the less time I can spend washing and/or styling my hair, the better. Caveat: it needs to look good and clean.

Since having my daughter, I simply don’t have as much time to deal with my hair and I want to spend the least amount of time as possible making sure it looks presentable. After some trial and error, I’ve found a few ways to extend any effort put into my hair. Whether I get it done professionally (seldom, but love when I do) or do it myself, these tricks help limit my time, energy, effort, and stress when it comes to keeping my hair meeting/dinner/life ready. Here’s how I get more mileage from my hair once it’s been styled:

1. Professional blowouts
I’ve never been the kind of girl who goes and gets my hair done regularly and I’m still not really, BUT every now and then, I’ll pop into DryBar to get my hair blown out. When I do pamper myself here, it goes A LONG way. I can always go longer than usual after getting it blown out, which is amazing. They give it a really good wash, they’ll even do a double wash for no-charge to really strip the scalp, then they’ll do a cold rinse to seal. I request that they don’t use product, and if they do, just the slightest bit. From there, I try to adhere to the next set of tips.

2. Silk hairbands
Whether I have my hair done or do it myself, sleeping in a silk scrunchie helps avoid kinks and dents. This saves a ton of time every morning and keeps it looking presentable longer. I personally love these by slip.

3. Limiting product
Limiting product the first day or two after a wash is essential. The more product I use, the sooner I need to wash my hair. After a couple days, though, it’s time for product, because….dry shampoo!

4. Dry shampoo
Not much explanation needed here – it works! It’s as simple as that. I think the key is using a small amount then slowly building day by day. If you use too much dry shampoo, your hair gets build-up which we are trying to avoid.

5. Playa day hair mist
One part hairspray, one part hydrator, and one part fragrance, this fine mist works to smooth out dents and creases. Think of it as a wrinkle releaser for the hair. I use this after dry shampoo and before any hot tools when applicable for a nice refresh.

6. Limit touching
I’m the queen of playing with my hair but I’m trying to be better about it, as certainly adds unwanted oil.

7. Use a shower cap and umbrella
Keep your hair fresher, longer, by keeping it dry in the shower or when in the rain. This is a MUST.

8. Thoughtful hair styling
When my hair is coming toward the end of a styling session, I like to toss on a headband and wear it down. It still looks good basically everywhere but the roots. And on the last day, I like to wear it up in a sleek bun or pony. Having not washed it for a few days, it’s really well textured, smooths out nicely and has good volume in the roots, so I take advantage!

9. Skip the hot classes
I love a good hot yoga class as much as the next LA girl but it is not ideal for extending styled hair. I try to avoid any heated classes or classes that leave me drenched on weeks when I need to get more mileage out of my hair.

What are your secrets? Please spill!

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  1. Oh, these tips are actually really really helpful! I just started “training” my hair to go longer between washes, because I realized how much time I wasted on constantly having to wash, blow dry and style my hair. Now I need one really good tip on how to make your curls look good the day after you used a hot tool – help please haha!
    Xx Janine

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