The Question to Ask Yourself Each Day

While I’m always down for self-improvement content and reading all there is when it comes to setting goals, manifesting your life, etc., sometimes it can feel like too much. Like there’s always something I need to change about myself, or I’m falling short in some area, or that I need a total rehaul of my life (or at least of my routines). Self-help can be amazing but it can also be too intense at times.

But when you stop and think about why so many of us enjoy self-improvement content, it’s because we want to be the best versions of ourselves. That’s a phrase that’s overused, I know, but it’s true. We read, listen, watch, consume content about ways to make our lives better and to become better people in whatever way is important to us (career, health, relationships, whatever). We want to constantly evolve into a better version of ourselves than the day before – that’s it.

But maybe you find that even being a better version of yourself is still too big of a question or task. If so, I want to suggest asking yourself one VERY simple question: how do I want to feel at the end of each day?

Instead of thinking of X goals you want to accomplish this year or all the things you need to do to become your best self, take it day by day. Think of how you want to feel when you lay your head to rest. Do you want to feel calm? Like you stayed present with your family all day? Like you furthered your career? Like you were a good listener? Like you nourished your body that day?

Try to take the pressure off yourself of figuring it all out. Instead, ask yourself that simple question and check in with how your day matched up with that intention each night.

It’s something that’s really helped me break things down into smaller chunks of improvement lately. Plus, it’s a quick daily check-in that doesn’t involve consuming anything.

Let me know if you try this practice and how it goes!

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