Slouching? Here are 4 Ways To Improve Your Posture

improve posture

improve posture
I’ve never had pristine ballerina posture albeit I’m envious of those that do. I’ve been a bit of a sloucher for as long as I can remember but it got MUCH worse when I had my daughter. I was spending hours and hours a day nursing, cradling and tending to a baby. I was constantly hunched over, my shoulders were rounding in and my back began to ache so it was time to do something about it.

Here are the 4 ways I’ve been able to successfully improve my posture (a constant work in progress):

1. Swedish Posture Flexi Shoulder Muscles Support
Literally wearing this as I type, the Swedish Posture brace wraps around your arms/shoulders and pulls you upright. I like to wear it for a couple of hours in the morning to encourage standing up straight for the rest of the day.

2. Upright
Wouldn’t it be nice if something reminded you to stand up straight every time you slouched? That’s exactly what this is! Sync it to the app, put it on your back and it buzzes you all day long with reminders.

3. Strengthening workouts
Besides being reminded not to slouch, it’s equally – if not more – important to work on strengthening your back. I added more back, shoulder and chest exercises to my routine.

4. Stretches
Slouching can really round your shoulders which is where stretching comes into play. Whether it’s in Pilates, yoga or simply at home, stretch out your back, shoulders and chest to really open yourself up. You can also foam roll to loosen up any tightness.

Hope this helps! Now stand up straight!

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