The Best Thing I Bought This Month

We don’t share a ton of shopping items on this site simply because it can feel spammy real quick, so hopefully you know that when we do (or share a link), we truly love the item. So with that being said, I wanted to share the one thing I’m really glad I bought this month: blue light blocking glasses.

I honestly questioned whether these things worked or not for like a year, but they do. I’m either on my computer or phone for most of the day and often times I’d end the day with a slight eye strain or dull headache. It wasn’t anything bad enough to take medicine for, but more so just annoying. But not nowwww!

This pair is $20, they’re cute on different face sizes (my husband bought a pair too) and most importantly, they’ve gotten rid of daily headaches. They protec against the detrimental effect of high energy visible blue light and UV400 and are specifically made for eye strain that so many of us incounter on the daily.

I actually ended up buying two pairs, one to keep at my desk and one for my purse in case I’m doing phone work on the go. For the record, I got clear which feel like a fun throwback but I also like borrowing my husband’s black pair for a classic feel. They have tons of colors.

Let me know if you try these or have a pair and what you think!

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