Clean Non-Toxic Makeup Brands That I Love Part 2

Non-Toxic Makeup
Clean non-toxic makeup, my favorite topic! I’ve talked and written about RMS, Kosas, W3LL People and a slew of others in various pieces throughout my site but I haven’t posted an updated clean non-toxic makeup brand list since last year (here). I figured, it was time! Plus, there are three solid additions worth mentioning.

Here are three more clean non-toxic makeup brands that I’ve been reaching for over and over again:


Ilia has a solid lineup of alllll the things. They make a variety of foundation, concealer and tinted moisturizer with SPF shades (I know finding shades for face products when it comes to clean can be VERY tough), a rainbow of lipstick shades, talc-free eyeshadow palettes (warn nude is my favorite) and a few must-have highlighters. They also just launched liquid liner for all my cat-eye girls out there!

K’jaier Weis

Everything about this brand is luxurious including the price (which is why it took me so long to try it, to be honest!). Because it’s so expensive, I suggest (and bought) the Collector’s KIT which includes foundation, 2 cheek colors, 1 lip tint and 2 eye shadows. It retails for $76 vs. $56 for a foundation on its own. I have yet to splurge on the $56 lipstick. Has anyone tried it? Worth it?

Aether Beauty

If you love buying and playing with eyeshadow palettes, then Aether is for you! Formulated with organic coconut oil and organic shea butter to create an uber smooth buttery texture, each palette comes with 12 colors. My personal favorite is ‘Rose Quartz.’

What other clean makeup are you into RN?

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