I’ve Tried A Lot of CBD Lately, Here’s What I Like

This article is written by contributor Chelsea Becker

After I stopped breastfeeding my son, I couldn’t wait to jump on the CBD train. In all honesty, before my son, I used weed as a way to decompress after a long day or week. I smoked a few times a month, nothing crazy, but after having my baby boy, I didn’t feel as comfortable getting high. At least not while he was still so young and not always sleeping through the night. This is where CBD came in!

I had read a lot about it, had seen it all over Instagram, and I had actually tried it years before but didn’t like it. Or mainly, I didn’t think it worked. I had tried CBD bath salts and a topical rub; neither did anything for me. But since CBD had come a long way in the past couple of years, I decided to give it another go. Turns out, I love the stuff! It’s now a form of self-care for me, and I actually get it delivered monthly from this legitimate service. Here’s what I like and when:


For the longest time, I associated CBD with feeling sleepy, probably because I only general smoke weed before bed. Turns out, different strains of CBD (and marijuana) can actually have the oppsite effect. I love these capsules for when my anxiety has spiked but I have stuff to get done. I take a capsule and follow it up with a warm, lemony cup of green tea. Within 30 minutes, I can feel the stabilizing effects.

Calm pen

I’m a big fan of this brand’s vaporizers in general because they are pre-filled dose pens. What that means is each hit is a precise amount so you always know what you’re getting.

Calm is the first CBD product I used after becoming a mom because of the very low dosage of THC vs. CBD. This pen works to stabilize anxiety, increase calmness, and give you an overall sense of balance. I like taking a couple of hits after I’m done with work or dinner. I use this a few times a week.

Daytime Tinctures

Tinctures contain a liquid that you drop inside your mouth (on tongue or cheek), so it’s a good option if you don’t like pills. I like this company’s Daytime blend which includes 100% natural ingredients of antioxidants and essential oils and it gives you a slight energy buzz. The company says it also promotes brain function and improves digestion – two things I’m always down with!

Sleep pen

I’ve never been a good sleeper but add in a baby and things got worse. I now suffer from ‘monitor sleep’ and wasn’t feeling like I was getting deep sleep even though my son was sleeping through the night. A friend recommended this Sleep pen (which actually has high doses of THC – something I’m comfortable doing right before bed now). I love the mix of THC and CBD because though I do feel high, it’s a balanced high if that makes sense. The formula includes sleep-promoting terpene blend that helps to relax your body and mind and works towards a prolonged deep sleep. If you don’t want a high though, this isn’t for you!

Which CBD products work for you? Any that you don’t like?

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