How to be More Socially Responsible

This post was written by contributor Chelsea Becker

I’ve heard the term ‘social responsibility’ thrown around lately and each time I do, I’m inspired to live more socially responsibly. But what does it mean? It’s probably different for everyone. To me, though, it means using social media in a real, authentic, truthful way. It doesn’t need to mean sharing anything specific, but more so being conscious of what you’re sharing and more importantly, what your message is doing for others.

Now, I don’t have a large following, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be more responsible online. I’m also hoping that by doing my small part in spreading this awareness, larger influencers online will do the same.

Here are 10 ways you can be more socially responsible. Take what feels good to you and forget the rest.

  • Use social media channels for inspiration, not likes
  • Leave only love; don’t be a troll
  • Unfollow people who don’t make you feel good
  • Create content with the reminder that younger people are watching the message you put out there
  • Show more than consumer goods that not all can afford
  • Skip filters that show a false sense of beauty, body, etc.
  • Say only what you’d say in the presence of the person you’re talking about or to
  • Remember that you are worth more than your followers, likes, or comments
  • Ignore the urge to pull out your phone to document all the special moments; keep some things private
  • Remember that your children (if you have them) will someday be adults with a life before posting something of them. And consider the impact of what you share and how you use them in your social presence.

Do you guys think about what you’re posting in this kind of way? Let me know what you think about social responsibility, k?

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  1. I definitely took a step back the second I saw a blogger/instagrammer have a mental breakdown at an event because her Instagram wasn’t performing as well. I had no interest in having something take over my life like that.

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