The Phrase I’m Giving Up in 2020

I’m sorry.

It’s a phrase I use WAY. TOO. OFTEN. Anyone else?!

For some reason, I really noticed it this year but I know it’s a habit of mine I’ve had for years. Saying sorry when really I wasn’t, or when I didn’t actually do anything wrong. Basically putting myself down when I didn’t have anything to be sorry about. And while I’m the first to say sorry when I truly do own someone an apology, I’d like to savor it for those moments. After all, it kinda dilutes a meaningful “I’m sorry” if it’s something you throw around every day.

So while it’s a very minor thing, it’s one of my focuses for 2020: to say sorry less and to keep it for those times when I actually need to apologize.

What’s a phrase you need to use less in 2020?

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