20 Healthy Things to Try This Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I’m very excited to be stepping into a new year, let alone a new decade, as it feels like a fresh start of all kinds. Whether you’re the resolution type or not, today’s post is all about small ways that add up to a healthier year. Take what feels or sounds good and let the rest. Because we’re all down with feeling a little better, no?

  1. Stop slouching. That was so 2019.
  2. Start using non-mineral sunscreens.
  3. Make the water you’re drinking even healthier. Same (but different) for your coffee, too.
  4. Add stillness to your day. Yes, every day!
  5. Improve your tech health. Cut your screen-time in half while you’re at it.
  6. If you’re not already, make non-toxic swaps in your home products.
  7. Eat more foods that help with digestion.
  8. The Fab Four Approach to “dieting”. We LOVE the way this food combining makes us feel, personally, plus it’s crazy easy.
  9. Stop stressing your budget out; take a shopping freeze instead.
  10. Start sipping on green tea after you eat for several health benefits.
  11. When you feel a cold coming on this year, turn to these solutions instead.
  12. Eliminate 50 toxins from your life. OK so you don’t have to do the whole list, but maybe some?
  13. Say #byeeee to toxic relationships.
  14. Eat less processed sugar. Here’s how!
  15. Speaking off eating less sugar, try mindful eating in general.
  16. Love your body – for real this time.
  17. If you’re unhappy with something in your life, MAKE A CHANGE.
  18. Turn your house into a wellness retreat that feels really, really good to come home to.
  19. Complain less.
  20. And finally…learn to enjoy wellness/taking care of yourself without it having to be perfect.

Cheers to an amazing 2020 and decade ahead. Thank you for your continued support here on the site! xx

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