The Live Workout That Lifts My Spirits

Hii! How’s everyone doing? I’m on day 68 over here (sorry for the decline in content but my hands are full with my girls) and since LA’s safer-at-home order was extended through the summer I thought I’d share one of my instant mood lifters: Ryan Heffington’s #SweatFest IG live workout.

It’s seriously the best! You get to dance like nobody is watching, because well, nobody is.

Ryan is a dance studio owner and choreographer known for videos like Sia’s Chandelier, who, during quarantine has turned to the gram to share his charismatic ways with the world. He goes live at 10am on Tuesday and Thursday along with Saturday at noon and it’s the dance party you need in your life. Promise! The first half is a little warm up with a really great stretch and a bit of a workout while the second half is a full on dance party. If you can’t make his lives in real time, he reposts them to his feed. Try it, guarantee it lifts your mood.

What lives are you loving?

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