November 21, 2014

Lauren Conrad’s Guide To Holiday Dressing

Lauren Conrad's Cool-Girl Guide to Holiday Dressing Lauren Conrad's Cool-Girl Guide to Holiday Dressing Lauren Conrad's Cool-Girl Guide to Holiday Dressing
Holiday dressing can be a major source of anxiety. We’ve all been there!

To help make getting dressed a little bit easier this year, Lauren Conrad teamed up with WhoWhatWear to create a “cool-girl guide to holiday dressing” and the six outfit suggestions are pretty good. Here they are:

1. Slip Dress + Glittery Oxfords
2. Leather Jacket + Lace Maxi
3. Faux Fur + Lacy Slip
4. Cozy Sweater + Sequined Skirt
5. Glam Cocktail Dress + Metallic Heels
6. Tailored Jacket + Skinny Jeans

Which is your favorite look?

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November 20, 2014

Voyager by Westward Leaning

Voyager_11_34_3fed6860-c39a-4d1a-9ca0-ad22ef971141_1024x1024 Voyager_13_34_a4377687-7a8f-40ea-8290-e9245bd4e30e_1024x1024   Voyager_6_34_6990651a-257f-40ff-9256-3338ef06bf2c_1024x1024
Westward Leaning has added its second sunglasses shape to their offerings (this first was the ubiquitous Classic Westward) and they are dope! Called the “Voyager,” they’re a modern take on the classic round frame and come in 16 variations including black, blonde and tortoise frames along with rose gold, emerald and violet lenses.

It took me a few days to decide on a color combination for myself but I eventually ordered the blonde tortoise with jade lenses and they’ve been on my face ever since. Love!

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November 20, 2014

3 Ways To Keep Your Fridge Fresh

We buy food, things go bad, it happens! One major problem with that is the stench that is leftover for days and weeks to come.  This happens most around this time of year; when the fridge is overflowing with holiday food (especially if you’re hosting) and you prep a few nights before, or have leftovers for a few days after. Luckily, there are a few all-natural, easy tricks that can help prevent that smell that quite frankly, ruins our appetite.

Here’s 3 ways to keep your fridge fresh:

1. Alka Seltzer: Place 1 tab of alka seltzer in a small glass and place it in the back of your fridge, it will absorb all of the odor within one day!

2. Vanilla Extract: Place 1 tbsp of vanilla extract onto a small plate and add 2-3 cotton balls. Let the cotton balls absorb the vanilla, then place it in the back of your fridge. It acts as a deodorizer & smells great.

3. Citrus Peels & Sea Salt: Cut a large orange in half and completely scoop out the pulp, fill with 2 tbsp of sea salt. The salt absorbs and neutralizes odor while the citrus acts as a deodorizer.