Coconut Raspberry Smoothie

Coconut Raspberry Smoothie Coconut Raspberry Smoothie Coconut Raspberry Smoothie
You guys! I’m on day 19 of a 21 day Clean cleanse and am feeling so good! Smoothies are a big part of the cleanse and this coconut raspberry is one of my favorites.

You will need:
1 cup frozen raspberries (you can also use fresh berries, but add 1 cup ice)
1 young Thai coconut, water strained and meat scooped out or 8 oz. coconut milk
2 tablespoons of cacao nibs or cacao powder
½ teaspoon vanilla extract

Place all the ingredients into a high speed blender and blend for 45 seconds or until smooth and creamy.

Photos: Clean Program

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3 Cocktails to Make with Simply Juice Drinks

Cocktails citrus Cocktails
Whether it’s for a planned dinner, unexpected company or an impromptu party,  signature cocktails are always a good look.  And the thing is, signature cocktails  don’t need to be a whole fancy to-do. You can make really beautiful and tasty  cocktails with the new Simply Juice Drinks.

These last few weeks I’ve been working with Simply Juice Drinks to celebrate the launch of their latest all-natural flavors made with simple ingredients  – Fruit PunchTropical and Mixer Berry – and came up with three signature cocktails using the new juice. Negroni? Margarita?  Caipirinha? Yes, yes and yesss! Here’s how to make them:

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