November 25, 2014

How-To Make An Edible Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Edible-Thanksgiving-7 Edible-Thanksgiving-1   Edible-Thanksgiving-3 Edible-Thanksgiving-6
Who doesn’t love festive décor when it comes to the holidays?  Here’s how to make your own Thanksgiving centerpiece that’s good enough to eat! Complete with seasonal fruits & the colors of fall.

Here’s how you make it:

1. Place persimmons down the center of rectangle shaped dish
2. Alternate with crab apples
3. Line sides with cranberries
4. Fill in with edible flowers
5. Fill 6 bud vases with water & add festive little bundles of foliage
6. Fill 2 pretty bowls with persimmons
7. Set the table! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

To watch a video on this tutorial head right this way.

November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Potatoes 3 Ways

roastedpotatos_1 Mashed-Potatoes_LEAFtv mashedpotates6
Potatoes are often thought of as a comfort food, and for good reason. Creamy mashed potatoes, dressed up baked potatoes, the list of warm and delicious recipes goes on. As long as you’re not consuming this crop in the form of greasy store-bought potato chips and french fries, they’re an excellent ingredient to include in your daily diet.

Surprisingly, there are great health benefits to potatoes when eaten in moderation with the right recipes. They’re high in vitamin B6 (remember, the vitamin that initiates sleepiness?), potassium (which helps maintain blood pressure) and vitamin c.  Potatoes make for a great side dish, especially for Thanksgiving.  Watch the video above for my favorite potato recipes: mashed, roasted and/or crispy smashedBaked is pretty good, too.