October 24, 2014

Beauty Inspiration: Black Eyeliner

hbz-beauty-ss2015-trends-black-liner-De-La-Renta-clp-RS15-5039-lg hbz-beauty-ss2015-trends-black-liner-Marchesa-bks-A-RS15-2190-lg hbz-beauty-ss2015-trends-black-liner-Prada-bks-A-RS15-7536-lg
This my sound totally crazy but I JUST bought black eyeliner for the very first time ever. Where have I been?! What a game changer!

If you’re caught in the same brown eyeliner trap that I was, please grab a black liner and get practicing tonight. You will feel like a new woman.

So far I really like this one for a pencil and this or this for a liquid but I’d love to hear about what you like! Please tell me, what are your favorite black liners?

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