September 22, 2014

Pumpkin Yogurt Breakfast For Fall

Pumpkin Yogurt Pumpkin Yogurt Pumpkin Yogurt
This healthy breakfast concoction is a delicious celebration of fall. It also happens to run in the LEAF family! Try it out:

You’ll Need:
- nonfat greek yogurt
- 100% canned pumpkin
- chopped almonds
- pumpkin seeds
- 1 tsp chia seeds
- honey + cinnamon, to taste

1. Mix 3 tbsp 100% canned pumpkin with 2 spoonfuls of nonfat Greek yogurt.
2. Add chopped almonds, pumpkin seeds and 1 tsp chia seeds.
3. Add honey and cinnamon to taste.
4. Have a great morning!

p.s.  here is my other favorite breakfast yogurt recipe