7 Ways To Spread Love


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There’s been a lot of hate and negativity in our world lately, and it’s hard not to fall in a funk from it all. I wanted to write a quick post on ways to show compassion and positivity even in a time where the bad seems to outweigh the good. As MLK famously said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that,” so here are ways to spread the l-o-v-e:

  1. Move slower. As you rush through your busy life and to-do list, slow down to let others go first in line or get to the last seat first.
  2. Pay attention. Notice someone who always seems a little bummed out? Say hello or smile. Half the time we are too distracted on our own problems to notice the pain in others.
  3. Leave a penny face-up. Sure it’s a silly superstition about luck, but odds are the penny will either make someone smile or help pay for a less fortunate person’s next meal.
  4. Volunteer, but really do it this time. I admit, it’s something I always mean to focus on more and don’t, but by donating money or time you’re sure to help someone in need. I’ll be spending time at a food shelter next month!
  5. Send someone an anonymous gift. Have a person in your life who doesn’t get enough credit or could use some love? Send them a little something, but don’t take credit. This alleviates the person thinking they owe you or feeling embarrassed about it, and can instead leave them with the pleasure of knowing someone is thinking of them.
  6. Listen. A lot of time we listen while thinking about we’ll say next, but try simply listening to a person—even if they don’t need to vent and instead just want to share a story, giving them that platform and attention will make them feel great.
  7. Make someone feel smart. It’s easy to tell someone you love their lipstick or their shirt (and keep doing this!), but making someone feel valued is even more priceless. Let coworkers know when they have a good idea, or ask a family member for help with something they’re good at.

I hope this brings you and the people around you some happiness today! Any other ways to spread the <3?





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  1. Also to raise your spirits and give yourself a lift make a gratitude list you’ll be pleasantly surprised how it changes ones outlook!

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