Street PJs


The whole pajama-to-street trend that’s taken off is something I’m fully behind. There’s something freeing about wearing a silk, loose, slightly messy shirt (aka robe) and dressing it up with other accessories. A casual tuck adds to the ease. The perfect option for weekend nights when escaping your PJs is […]

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Existential Crisis

geri hirsch / because im addicted

             I’ve got a confession to make: I’m really struggling to get back into the post-holiday groove. As much as I want to be in the RA-RA-let’s-go-get-em spirit of the new year, I’m having a hard time getting there. I spent a week in Hawaii over the holidays […]

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Biggest Wellness Trends of 2017


For me, one of the funnest parts of 2016 was experimenting with wellness trends on a LEAFtv reality show. Last year gave us cupping, IV treatments, aerial yoga, lots of meditation, and weightless floating—some which I loved and others that I hated—so I’m thrilled to try what 2017 has in […]

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geri hirsch

New Year’s Eve is either the most overrated night of the year or the best! It’s impossible to predict which way the night will go, but either way, a good outfit usually helps. Am I right? Plus, getting all dressed up is part of the fun! This year I’m shying […]

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Wellness Gatherings

wellness gatherings

                               In the last few years, a lot has changed in my social calendar. My friends and I are now less likely to grab drinks and more inclined to go for a hike. Our girl’s trips slowly morphed from boozy Mexico fiestas […]

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