6 Steps To Writing The Perfect Email

6 steps to writing the perfect email

In our tech-heavy world, emails have become one of the most important lifelines when it comes to communication. And having a lousy email game can be detrimental (seriously!) to connecting with people—especially when it comes to career-related emails. Here are 6 simple but useful practices to use when engaging via […]

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With Flair

Geri Hirsch

       In this week’s installment of uniform dressing, I’ve deviated from my daily black turtleneck/jeans combo and instead I’m opting for monochrome with a little bit of flair. Today’s choice? All white. There’s something really liberating about only reaching for one color – it makes getting ready a cinch, […]

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5 Steps To A Safer Kitchen


For the last few years I’ve been really focused on removing as many toxins from our home as possible, especially in the kitchen. This includes unsafe appliances, cookware, jars, etc. If you’re looking to make the move to a non-tox kitchen, here are my 5 tips: Go glass: Plastic tupperware […]

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