LEAF how-to: the midsummer cocktail

Second sneak peek of LEAF!

We teamed up with Kanon Vodka to present our favorite Midsummer tradition: the cocktail!

In a world of mixology madness I decided to keep it simple and chic – a drink that translates from the pool party to the after party all summer long! You can watch the video HERE!

Also, to celebrate the Midsummer festival Kanon is giving away some amazing prizes, so check out their FB page to share your favorite Midsummer traditions!

As always, would love your thoughts…



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  1. LOVE Leaf.tv! Such a great idea and I love that its sooo you. Suggestions about this sneak peek: its a little bit hard to read the yellow. I love the color, but it makes it a little hard to read the directions. I know it might not be that important..but just a thought!

    Keep up the great work!

    follow me! @iluvkittenz

  2. yum i’d love to drink that anyday of the week!Loving your blog.
    i’ve just literally published a blog myself and i have currently zero followers and i’d love to get the ball rolling so if you could check out my blog and follow if you like – it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    love eloise- xo

  3. love the video display. very cool. this is my fav drink , al though I use a the juice of 1 lime rather than lemon…its called a french gimlet.

  4. Beautiful production quality, informative and fun! Well done. Can’t wait to see more from Leaf.

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