DIY raw crystal necklace

Photobucket DIY raw crystal necklace
When Soph and I first saw THOSE striking images from the Chanel Fall 2012 runway our hearts basically gave out. We just couldn’t resist getting our hands on some of those jagged edged, violet colored amethyst and crystal gems then DIY’ing until our little fingers bled.

p.s. thank you to those who came out to our haute-DIY event at soho house last night where we made variations of this crystal necklace along with these and this and those and these. xx

How to: DIY Raw Crystal Necklace

You will need:
16 inches of chain
5 raw crystal or amethyst beds
2 jump rings
6 inches of 24 gauge wire

1. Cut two 8 inch pieces of chain. Thread your wire through one end of chain. Create a loop with the chain inside leaving 1/4 inch excess wire. Wrap excess wire.

2. Thread gemstones through the wire attached to chain.

3. Repeat step 1, attaching the other end of chain. Wrap and cut remaining wire. Attach clasp with jump rings.

Photos: because im addicted for stylehive in collaboration with Sophie Monet

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  1. Thanks guys! So glad you're into it.

    We bought strands of crystals and amethysts so they came with holes in them. You can buy the strands at bead stores, Michaels or online. We happened to find these at the LA gem show which is beyond! Highly recommend the gem shows if you're into jewelry making – everything is much cheaper and higher quality.

    Hope that helps!



  2. I love this idea. I really want to make it but I think I may have got the wrong size beads (I bought them online ugh)… mine are 3/4" – 1in…too small??

  3. So pretty – love it – but please, please share who makes/or where you got that cool purple t-shirt, TY!

  4. Where can I find these crystals online? How much should I expect to pay? Love ALL your DIY but I don't have much options to buy supplies in Minneapolis 😉

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