A Delightful & Refreshing Green Juice

Refreshing Green Juice Green Juice Refreshing Green Juice Green Juice Refreshing Green Juice
If you’re looking for a green juice that’s not too earthy, look no further! This concoction is incredibly refreshing thanks to the apple, grapefruit, lime and mint leaves. It’s one of my absolute favorite ways to kick of a healthy and fresh start to my day.

Recipe: The Refreshing Green Juice

– 1.5 Green Apples
– 3 Celery Stalks
– 5 Large Spinach Leaves
– ΒΌ Grapefruit, peeled
– Ginger, square inch
– 7 Mint Leaves
– 1 Lime

Cut all of the ingredients according to the requirements of your juicer, JUICE, squeeze juice of 1 lime, pour over ice and enjoy!

What’s your favorite green juice recipe?

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  1. YESS. I don’t mean to be overenthusiastic but I bought a juicer this weekend and I need to try this juice. I really like the idea of adding in grapefruit!

  2. this looks so refreshing, I,m a smoothie fan, I use banana, cucumber, blue berries, kale, pear one class of water and a small spoon of cacao. blitz, yum

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