3 Winter Skin Rescue Tips

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Who doesn’t want soft, healthy and moisturized skin all year round? I certainly do and after years of combating dry, irritated skin, I’ve gotten my rescue regimen down to a science. Here’s what works for me:

1. Hot water with lemon every morning
Before I do anything else in the morning, I drink a cup of hot water with 1/4 to 1/2  (depending on how juicy the lemon is) of fresh lemon juice. Lemon is full of natural antioxidants, combats free radicals and is a great source of vitamin C which helps rejuvenate your skin from the  inside out. There are lots of other benefits to drinking hot water with lemon in the morning which you can read about here.

2. Sweat it out
Sweating out the toxins is one of the BEST things you can do for your skin. Hot yoga and/or a hot steam on a regular basis are both great ways to sweat. The elevated temperature improves circulation and when you sweat, you  release the toxins and waste products out of your pores which results in smooth looking skin all over.

3. Curel Rough Skin Rescue
I swear by this lotion. The dermatologist-recommended formula uses natural ingredients to relieve roughness and is ideal for severely dry, flaky and sensitive skin. I like to apply it all over my body immediately following the shower, keep it near my sinks to apply after hand washing and of course, next to bed for pre-bed-time application.What are your soft skin secret?

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  1. A nice morning hike followed by daily Epson salt bath.Have the water as warm as possible.Its a great time to soak and meditate.Enjoy…

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